Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E3...not Really...Food Trucking

I know I have been lacking on entries...well nonexistant. It's so hard constantly keeping on top of photo editing, which is my biggest obstacle. I give all my fellow bloggers props for being so consistent. I have so much to blog about, especially eventwise. Busy mom was busy. Gwen Stefani, E3, fooding, and tons of Disney....just to name a few.

Last thursday, I happened upon chance the Downtown LA artwalk. I only found out about it through chatting up this one food truck from E3 whose next stop was the artwalk. We heard the Grilled Cheese truck was going to be there and was sold. My friend, Kim, has been thwarted every time she had a chance to partake in the cheesyness. So we hightailed it there due to no bueno parking situations.

We got there with most of the trucks still closed. Ugh, there's nasty nom nom. >.>;;
When we arrived, the Grilled Cheese truck already had a line waiting.  We took our spot in line while the other half went to go derp and see what was around. THERE WERE AROUND 50 FOOD TRUCKS!!! OMG!! The lot we were had all the baller famous ones like Buttermilk, Frysmith, and LUDO!!! (my fave :P)
The line...always a line...
The moment finally came for Kim to join the many who experienced the wait and concoction of cheese and bread. She ordered the popular Fully Loaded, mac n cheese with bbq rib meat. Yeah, I agree this truck is major stoner munchies.
With her spoils....

Token 1st bite pic...

The money shot...oh yeah baby

The verdict: Eh...but not worth the almost cult-like following this truck seems to have. We ventured off to feed everyone else. Up next, Buttermilk, known for its breakfast and brunner offerings. Emily got the classic chicken and waffle combo.

Ew...white meat >.<

I actually had to walk around a couple before settling on my truck choice. I couldn't deny myself some of the BEST chicken ever. LUDO!!! Chef Ludo is from Top Chef, famous for well being douchey and just very French. He does pop up reservations where you stalk his site hoping to score some very limited reservations. 

Guerrilla Chicken

Ze Menu

I always say I am going to try something new, but it's been so long since I tasted his food. I had to go with my token choice, the chicken wings and all their peppery honey goodness. Man, I could go for some now. 

Yeah....that box was CLEAN when I was done. Not a single drop wasted.

Oh yeah, our last food stop was Frysmith. It's one of the very few places that serve poutine, a french pomme frites dish involving cheese curds and gravy. Henry got Raja fries. He's such a meat n potatoes kinda guy.. get it get it?....fine.

There's lot of other stuff to do at artwalk...like look at art, visit the many vendors, and even dancing in some parking lot. 

Token Hipster Pic

Some pretty cool wooden roses


  1. I want the fries. When will you take me Goddess of Food Trucks~

    I still never got my grilled cheese... but it looks delicious... oh look kims in the picture too 8D

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *W* take me take me!!!!

  3. Glad you partake in DTLA Artwalk, it gets even crazier at night, that's when the creepers come out lol