Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A/W 2011 Spotlight: One spo - Russian Marching Band!

One spo is doing what it loves to do best, sticking to one trend and rocking the hell out of it. This season it rocked the marine and retro girly. It's not too popular amongst western gals from what I've seen. People who wear the more softer girly style tend to favor the light palette of Liz Lisa and its florals. Onto the A/W sneak peek...

There was  a novelty given out during the preview of the upcoming collection.

I was sorta WTF at the title/concept of the collection. So many horrible things came to mind, but I looked over the pictures posted on the Maruei blog. All the pictures here are taken from there. I was so excited! They are combining two of my favorite trends, FUR and retro girly. I love it because I can reuse items from past seasons.

 The shop showcasing their future products. I totally see some >.>;; uh....pieces. But so much fur 
One spo iconic statement hats definitely in theme. I am really excited about that cloak. The poncho/cloak trend that started last winter and carried through S/S is going to stick around it seems.

Shop Staff were on hand modeling the new pieces.

Of course with any brand, there are always the hits and misses. 

I am really excited for this brand and what it means about what's going to be trend for Fall/Winter.

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  1. The shop staff is so cute!!!

    Also, the tea didn't taste like Barley though? It literally tasted like rice! XD Does that happen with barley? I always had barely that tasted stronger, and was more... barely flavor... haha. XD

    That last dress is amazing!! So dolly!!

    For some reason your followers part is not working. ]: I can't seem to follow your blog! >__<