Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A/W 2011 Spotlight: One spo - Russian Marching Band!

One spo is doing what it loves to do best, sticking to one trend and rocking the hell out of it. This season it rocked the marine and retro girly. It's not too popular amongst western gals from what I've seen. People who wear the more softer girly style tend to favor the light palette of Liz Lisa and its florals. Onto the A/W sneak peek...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E3...not Really...Food Trucking

I know I have been lacking on entries...well nonexistant. It's so hard constantly keeping on top of photo editing, which is my biggest obstacle. I give all my fellow bloggers props for being so consistent. I have so much to blog about, especially eventwise. Busy mom was busy. Gwen Stefani, E3, fooding, and tons of Disney....just to name a few.

Last thursday, I happened upon chance the Downtown LA artwalk. I only found out about it through chatting up this one food truck from E3 whose next stop was the artwalk. We heard the Grilled Cheese truck was going to be there and was sold. My friend, Kim, has been thwarted every time she had a chance to partake in the cheesyness. So we hightailed it there due to no bueno parking situations.